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Recreational Marijuana Michigan

Recreational Marijuana Michigan

Some states, such as Colorado and Washington, were first to pass legislation that legalized marijuana use. Today, many other states have legalized medicinal and recreational marijuana. Recreational marijuana is legal marijuana sold in licensed dispensaries to people who are 21 years and above. It can be in the form of concentrates, smokable flowers, or edibles. As the name suggests, medical marijuana is used for treating various ailments or mitigate their symptoms.

Difference between Recreational and Medical Marijuana

Many states allow weed dispensaries to operate, provided they serve people looking for medicinal cannabis. By September 2020, only eleven states had legalized recreational marijuana. Twenty-four states have legalized medical marijuana programs. However, each state has different qualifying conditions, access terms, and types of marijuana products sold legally.

Age Restrictions

One of the main differences between medicinal and recreational marijuana is the age restrictions for each. Only individuals aged 21 years and older can legally buy and use recreational marijuana. On the other hand, medical marijuana can be prescribed to people in all age groups. However, younger patients need their guardians or parents to get a prescription for medical weed. In addition, medical marijuana patients need to renew their doctor’s note yearly to have a valid medical cannabis card.

Possession and Purchase Limits

Recreational weed clients are limited by the total amount of weed that they can buy. There are also limits to how much they can possess and where they can possess it. Medical marijuana users are also limited to the amount of cannabis that can be bought. However, the quantity of medical marijuana you can purchase and possess is greater than recreational marijuana.

Tax Exemptions

Medical marijuana patients are exempted from paying some taxes levied on cannabis producers. In some states, recreational users pay a combined sales tax on their purchases. However, this tax does not apply to medical marijuana.

Product Selection

There is very little difference between recreational and medical products. You can get drinkables, topicals, concentrates, edibles, vaporizers, and strains at the dispensary for recreational and medical use.

Home Growing

Some states do not allow growing marijuana for personal use. However, many states allow users with specific medical conditions to grow marijuana for personal consumption.

Customer Support and Shopping Experience

Recreational cannabis users are required to produce an ID before purchasing cannabis products. Many users purchase cannabis products using cash or debit cards. On the other hand, medical marijuana users must have a medical card and an ID to buy cannabis.

Some dispensaries have private rooms for serving medical marijuana. Today, many states offer tax breaks for medical marijuana users. In addition, dispensaries often offer special discounts for medical marijuana to make it cheaper for patients to access their products.

Many recreational marijuana stores do not offer medical advice to clients. However, medical marijuana patients can still shop in such stores. Some dispensaries are dual-licensed, which means they cater to the needs of medical and recreational users.

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Recreational Marijuana Michigan

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